How Can Restoration Therapy Help?

Have you ever found yourself in the same argument with your partner over and over? Do you seem to be triggered by the same things and feel helpless to break those patterns? We can find ourselves in negative reinforcement patterns with others: once triggered, in order to cope with our pain we can engage in behaviors that can trigger others, who in turn cope in a way that reinforces our pain, and on and on the cycle goes. Restoration therapy seeks to go beneath the surface of these cycles to gain insight and give practical tools for change.

Restoration Therapy is useful for individuals and couples. Restoration Therapy combines Attachment Theory, Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness. Early violations of love and trust in our lives can develop into warped views of our identity and safety. When we feel unsafe or have difficulty believing what is true about ourselves, we can find ourselves in behavioral patterns that are not always beneficial. 

Restoration Therapy can help you:


  • Gain insight into your own (and your partner’s) identity and safety patterns. What deep hurts are there, why and how you typically protect yourself.
  • Feel empowered and mindful when choosing how to act when triggered
  • Access freedom from painful cycles and move into more peaceful cycles in relationship with others
  • Experience freedom from feeling controlled by other people’s feelings or behaviors
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